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Crypto Venture Capital Funding Surpasses $1 Billion for Second Consecutive Month: A Deeper Look


Entering the world of cryptocurrency proves to be a profitable venture, as per reports from RootData revealing that Crypto Venture Capital Fundraising has once again surpassed the $1 billion mark for the second month in a row. April witnessed a significant milestone with a whopping $1.02 billion flowing into the industry across 161 investment rounds, closely following March’s impressive $1.09 billion spread across 186 rounds.

For the first time since October and November of 2022, the crypto sector has achieved over $1 billion in venture capital for two consecutive months, showcasing remarkable resilience.

High-Profile Investments

April witnessed several noteworthy fundraisings that propelled the industry past the billion-dollar milestone. Among the highlights, BlackRock, a global asset manager and leading Bitcoin ETF issuer, injected $47 million into Securitize, a company specializing in real-world asset tokenization.

Another headline-grabbing investment was Monad, the new Layer-1 blockchain dubbed the “Solana killer,” raising a staggering $225 million, with support from heavyweight investors including Paradigm and Coinbase Ventures.

Leaderboard Results!

Leading the charge in fueling the exponential growth of venture capital funding are blockchain infrastructure firms, amassing a colossal $1.7 billion in 2024 thus far.

Decentralized finance protocols secured the second position for contributing to venture crypto capitalist funds, raising an appreciable $626 million. 

However, DAO aka Decentralized Autonomous Organizations most likely appear to be struggling as this sector has been able to secure only $3 million in funding crypto so far in 2024. 

Q1 2024 VC Funding

This major boom in crypto venture capital fundraising coincides with the hopes and ambitions of major VC firms like Pantera Capital and Paradigm, who have reportedly been seeking substantial fundraising for new cryptocurrency projects. Pantera Capital’s aim of securing a $1 billion fund raise, if successful, will make it the largest in the industry since May 2022 when a16z raised a record $4.5 billion.

The first quarter of 2024 shattered the two-year downtrend in VC funding for the crypto space, experiencing a notable surge and accruing $3.67 billion to date. Compared to Q4 2023, both the total investment amount and the number of funded projects witnessed substantial upticks, signaling a resurgence in investor confidence.

The Road Ahead: A Promising Future

Looking ahead, analysts at Bernstein Research project that crypto funds could potentially swell to a staggering $500 billion to $650 billion in VC funding within the next five years, a monumental leap from the current valuation of approximately $50 billion. Such forecasts underscore the immense growth potential and allure of the crypto market.

Since 2014, crypto venture capital funding has witnessed a meteoric rise, surging past the $100 billion mark across 5,195 funding rounds.

With 2024 already surpassing the milestone of $3.67 billion across 604 funding rounds, the crypto industry is poised to eclipse the impressive $9.3 billion funding achieved in 2023, marking yet another milestone in its evolutionary journey.

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