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Founder of IMS Digital Ventures partners with Myer and Walker families to invest in Athens Riviera


Why now?

There are three reasons why we’ve decided now is the right time to act on the Greek real estate market.

Firstly, real estate prices are recovering from their post-crisis slump and, while still undervalued compared to other Mediterranean countries, such as Portugal or the south of France, they’re on a fast growth trajectory.

Secondly, Greece has implemented one of Europe’s most generous golden visa schemes, making it an especially interesting choice for global high net worth individuals. This is also fuelling demand for luxury properties on the Riviera. It’s enviably located: Greece is Europe’s closest Mediterranean country to the Middle East and Asia, and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.

Finally, it’s a vision that I can’t imagine bringing to life without Edward and Angus, who come from families with 100-year traditions in real estate. Both joined IMS Digital Ventures as partners last year, and we’re thrilled to be working on this project together.

What is your long-term vision for this project?

To connect my adopted country, Hong Kong, with my home country, Greece, through real estate, art and music. Our first focus will be delivering returns on the fast-growing real estate developments on the Athens Riviera. We’re lucky to have on-the-ground access to the best architects and developers, as well as local teams who speak and write the language. If, in five years’ time, we’re able to expand our influence to bring Greek art and music to the global investment scene, I will be very proud.

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