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Scion Life Sciences: A New Player in Biotech VC

Biotech Veterans Launch Scion Life Sciences with a $310 Million Fund

Scion Life Sciences: A New Player in Biotech VC

Scion Life Sciences, a venture capital firm founded by three biotech industry veterans, has launched with a $310 million fund aimed at supporting and driving advancements in the life sciences industry. The venture firm, which includes one of the co-founders of the successful radiopharma company RayzeBio, aims to provide significant resources and funding to build durable startups in the biotech space, particularly in areas with less competition.

A Unique Approach to Biotech Investment

Scion Life Sciences brings a unique approach to biotech investment. The firm does not intend to build biotechs with the sole purpose of quickly selling them off to pharmaceutical buyers. Instead, they aim to create companies that could independently commercialize their drugs if they choose not to partner with larger firms. This strategy is designed to ensure the longevity and independence of the biotech companies they invest in.

Exceeding Initial Fundraising Goals

Initially, Scion Life Sciences intended to raise $250 million for its first fund. However, due to overwhelming interest and support, the firm managed to secure an additional $60 million, bringing the total investment fund to $310 million. This feat underscores the potential investors see in Scion’s unique approach and the promising ventures it plans to back.

From Incubation to Commercialization

Scion Life Sciences is dedicated to creating and building exceptional biotech companies that aim to discover, develop, and commercialize clinically transformational or curative new medicines. The firm is capable of making initial investments as small as a few thousand dollars in early-stage incubation efforts but can also deploy $60 million or more over the life of each portfolio company investment. This flexible investment approach allows Scion to support companies at various stages of their development.

A 20-Year Plan and In-House R&D Capabilities

Unlike many venture capital firms, Scion Life Sciences is working on a significantly longer timeframe, setting a 20-year plan for its first fund. This extended timeframe allows the firm to provide long-term support and guidance to its portfolio companies, ensuring their sustained growth and success.

In addition to funding, Scion Life Sciences also offers in-house research and development capabilities through Scion Innovations. This resource serves as a proving ground for scientists and entrepreneurs looking to establish their first programs, thereby further enhancing the success potential of the firm’s portfolio companies.

Current Progress and Future Prospects

Already, Scion Life Sciences has established four companies, demonstrating a promising start for the new venture firm. With a team of scientific, medical, and technology experts in-house to guide the founding and building of its portfolio companies, Scion Life Sciences is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the biotech industry.


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