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Dies Irae’ premieres at Chicago Filmmakers Reel Chicago News


Chicago Filmmakers will host the theatrical premiere of COMMODITY TRADING: DIES IRAE on March 15. This is the fourth feature film by acclaimed, underground filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist, M. Woods.

M. Woods’ COMMODITY TRADING: DIES IRAE is a surrealist nightmare (wrapped in a documentary) chronicling the void that emerged with the election of Donald Trump. The movie weaves a narrative through South Central LA and into the ancient ruins of Oxford, England, to express a political hell tied to the historical footprint of Imperialism. Using a vast array of digital and analog effects, including mesmerizing, interwoven 16mm film, mixed media experimentations, and archival footage, Woods paints a hallucinatory landscape of Southern California and the nation’s break from reality.

Doors open at 6:30PM CST at the Chicago Filmmakers Firehouse Cinema, 1326 W. Hollywood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660.

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Woods, (He/Him/They/Them), is a first-generation American-Latino, born in NYC to a Costa-Rican/Ecuadorian mother. Their work expresses the despair of reclaiming diasporic identity within the inherently racist constructs of colonial societies. Woods’ work is influenced heavily by that of multi-disciplinary artist, Adrian Piper, especially in its critique of passing-whiteness. An alumnus of Evanston Township High School and current resident of Chicago, Woods first began releasing work under the label Disassociative Productions, with the aim of creating “media drugs” capable of switching on consciousness and waking the spectator; their art has now been shown in over 150 screenings and exhibitions worldwide.


From March 26 – 31, Woods will also be presenting BLACK INFINITUDE, a curated screening and exhibition dedicated to the memory of legendary artist, Aldo Tambellini. This exhibition, in collaboration with the Aldo Tambellini Foundation, will premiere as a special program during the 62nd Ann Arbor International Film Festival.

Accompanying COMMODITY TRADING: DIES IRAE, M. Woods has selected Chicago-based filmmaker Sonnie Wooden‘s short film, GUILLOTINE, which will precede the feature presentation. Sonnie Wooden will also be in attendance for the post-screening Q&A, led by Chicago Filmmakers’ former programming intern and guest curator, Grace Schuler.


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